MTV Video Music Awards 2012: Are Rihanna & Drake Sitting Near Chris Brown?

So you thought  pitting Chris Brown against Drake and Rihanna in the Best Male Video category added a level of drama to tonight’s (Sep. 6) MTV Video Music Awards? Well, the show’s planners apparently wanted even more tension: the trio will be  mere seats from each other in the front row, according to AllHipHop.

Leaked photos of the celebrity seating chart appear to show Drake and RiRi sitting a couple seats apart in the first row, with Breezy assigned a spot just a few feet away. Hopefully the people in between will have a better night than the club patrons who found themselves in the middle of that Brown-Drake brawl in New York.

All three artists are nominated for VMAs, and Rihanna is scheduled to perform “Cockiness (Love It)” with A$AP Rocky, so maybe he can get in on the awkwardness.

[via AllHipHop]