Jordan Knight And Boyz II Men Give A Christmas Classic A New Spin For Old Navy

Jordan Knight Old Navy Christmas holiday commercial Boyz II Men
See What Happens When You've Been Naughty?
Up until today, we figured Jordan Knight would never top his cheeky, seasonal Jordan Knight Sings The Old Navy Summer Catalog commercial. But deck the halls and come all ye faithful — the legendary boy band crooner has not only done it again with The Jordan Knight Before Christmas, his new ad for the clothing retailer, he’s also invited along his pals Boyz II Men.

Soul icon Johnny Mathis intros Old Navy’s latest by noting that Jordan’s take on this Christmas classic is about to make it “classic-ier.” With a “ho, ho, ho — yeah, girl!” (naturally), Knight bursts into one family’s living room in the clip, thrilling the starstruck mom while festively singing about dad’s penchant for plaid. Cue up the Three Wise Boyz II Men (we’re not making this up, pop fanatics), who strut in from the cold winter’s night and break down the Old Navy holiday catalog with a bit of yuletide Motownphilly smoothness.

Watch this chestnut above, perhaps with a spiked eggnog chaser.

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