President Barack Obama Asked About Nicki Minaj’s Mitt Romney Rap: Listen

The race is on to see which presidential candidate will emerge victorious on election day in November. And with Barack Obama officially back in campaign mode, naturally somewhere along the way, someone was bound to ask the current prez about Nicki Minaj’s controversial rap on Lil Wayne‘s “Mercy” remix.

So was she seriously endorsing Republican nominee Mitt Romney? Was she simply playing a character when she noted “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney, you lazy bitches is fucking up the economy”? Listen to Obama’s thoughts on the matter, via an interview with Orlando’s Power 95.3 FM, below.

During the phone interview, when asked if his daughters Sasha and Malia listen to Nicki Minaj’s music, Obama diplomatically said he doesn’t think so, but quickly noted that the girls are way hipper than he and the First Lady.

This segued into the station’s hosts asking whether or not he heard Minaj’s “Mercy” rap about Romney. “Yeah, I don’t think — I’m not sure that’s actually what happened,” said the President. “I think she had…a little rap that said that, but she likes to play different characters.”

Way to skillfully brush off that whole drama, Mr. President. Do agree that Nicki is simply playing a character — the mischievous Roman, perhaps — or do you think she’ll be voting red this time around? Let us know below, or by hitting us up on Facebook and Twitter!

[Via Billboard]


  • Synecdoche Smeltie

    Watch for James Inman out of Tennessee in 2016. Next young change agent. Really impressive.

  • Kylo

    Nicki confirmed through a tweet that the line was in fact a joke.

  • Americangirl99

    Why is it so “horrible” if Nicki Minaj votes for Mitt? If race is not an issue, then why can’t ALL people vote or support whom they choose? Based on policy and performance. If Nicki came out for a live concert & just sat on the stage doing nothing, would anyone go to a concert of hers again?
    Same goes for the president. Now, he did not sit & do nothing these 4 years. He worked very hard causing division & hate like we have never seen in the US! I hope Nicki votes for whom she believes in & not by race only !
    I am Norwegian & light complected, yet I worked for BET (Black Entertainment Channel) for years! They were smart enough to hire me based on my skills, not my skin color! Although they took a lot of flack for not hiring someone with a higher melanin count (melanin is what makes our skin tone, less, light skin, more darker skin) My goodness, that is the only difference! We are ALL people!
    Vote for your beliefs, not on who has more melanin!!
    Untied We Stand- Divide we FALL Help America, because we are falling!!

    • DanRather1

      If you don’t mind, please tell me how the president worked so hard to divide and spread hate.

      • tnt1966

        dont you remember his speech about taxing jet owners? Obama was constantly trying to instigate class warfare among the people-”look at them, they don’t pay their “fair share” , these greedy, wealthy, business owners, etc. This is our president. He has really lowered the bar, doing things that no other president has done. He actually has an online contest where by donating $50 or more to his re-election campaign, you are eligible to possibly win a night with the president and his wife. He has to go.

    • 88Mike

      please shut up.

  • kwanb

    To DanRather1:
    i think he meant that since Obama worked so hard at trying to fix this country, it has caused division and hate among the country by people he dislike him(namely Republicans).

  • stopthebs

    she isnt even registered to vote

  • Cyborg

    Last time I checked Nicki isn’t a U.S. Citizen