Missy Elliott Is Clutch In “9th Inning”: Hear A Snippet

After promising to release two singles this month and teasing us with a couple live performances featuring the new material, Missy Elliott has unveiled…another tease! Elliott has released a measly 86-second snippet of the studio version of first single “9th Inning.” The foreboding song finds the MC eschewing getting her freak on, instead interested in reasserting her dominance. The song features her pal Timbaland on the refrain — at least, we think it’s the refrain but quite honestly there’s not a lot of information to work with in less than a minute and a half.

The cut is off her forthcoming Block Party, which will end a seven-year hiatus (or perhaps eight-year, by the time it’s actually released). You can hear the sample over at Punchbowl Blog. Later this month Elliott is expected to release the LP’s second single, “Triple Threat.”

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