Nicki Minaj Supports Obama After All, Everyone Can Relax Now

One of the greatest political controversies of the 2012 presidential election has been put to rest. Nicki Minaj has admitted what many people suspected: that her line “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney”  in Lil Wayne‘s “Mercy” remix was just a grand exercise in trolling.

That single line — from a remixed track off a free mixtape — led to death threats, and the political firestorm made it all the way to the White House after President Barack Obama himself was asked about Nicki’s political allegiance. (Pressing issues!) Mr. President chalked it up to one of Minaj’s many alter egos, and it turns out he was right. Read on to see Nicki’s tweet affirming her support for Obama and confirming the lyric’s sarcasm.


So all you Minaj haters that came out of the woodwork, you can take a deep breath and go back to being her Barbz. And all you Romney supporters who thought your candidate finally nabbed a musical endorsement with some youthful cachet, well, it’s back to the drawing board.

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  • Layne

    Why am I reading this? Who cares about this self-absorbed lady? We really have more important things to do.

  • Freddie Jenkins

    This has to be the most useless piece of journalism, she prolly never voted, her claim to fame is she is a rapper that sells records..she is not a role model, she don’t really have any political aspirations or stand for anything, she is a RAPPER…she don’t care about the health plan, the poor or the middle class its about making money..Its not her fault people made her more what she is

  • Eric Willard

    It has already been reported that she has had residences in 3 states and she’s not registered in any of them. She is a troll in more ways than one. I never cared for her music and I $&%# sure don’t care who she “would” vote for. She is irrelavent.

  • SMH

    anyone who couldnt tell that that line was sarcasm deserved to get riled up

    • Taijha .

      Excatly !

  • Riaaa ♥

    Ummm , well duhh ! noo comment ….!

  • xSushi

    lol, I figured as much. People take things waaaaaay too seriously. And why are you guys discussing journalistic integrity on an entertainment site? It’s entertainment!

  • Goodbye Obama

    So Obama doesn’t have time to meet with the prime minister of Israel, but he has time to address Nicki Minaj. Absolutely ridiculous.