Beyonce Gushes About Blue Ivy With Anderson Cooper: Watch

Beyonce sat down with Anderson Cooper to kick off his new series Anderson Live yesterday. The two discussed Bey’s work with World Humanitarian Day (“It feels so wonderful to do something for someone else”) and about how the singer got nervous before performing at the UN General Assembly. When asked how having a daughter has changed her life, though, Beyonce absolutely gushed. “It gives you purpose…I realized why I was born,” the performer says.

Bey also revealed that she sings made-up lullabies to Blue Ivy (but wouldn’t sing any unless Anderson broke out “Single Ladies”) and that she and Jay-Z split diaper duty. The singer even insisted she loves changing diapers. So, Jay, as if there were any doubt at this point: she’s a keeper. Sadly, Bey didn’t keep her promise about giving Anderson a dance tutorial. Watch the interview highlights up top.