‘The Voice’ Spring Season Reportedly In The Works

The Voice has proven to be a runaway hit for NBC, so what better way to extend the show than by airing it year round? That’s the strategy, at least according to Billboard, who report that producers are readying the show for a spring season to complement the already wildly successful fall run of the show. Although NBC officials have yet to formalize the announcement, sources connected to the show are certain that The Voice will be airing biannually — which could put a significant strain on the judges’ musical careers. 

Executive producer Mark Burnett tells Billboard:

Here’s the fact we decided: When you’ve been on this show, that’s your chair for life… So if they have to tour and someone comes in for a season and then goes out for a season, comes back for a season, there will never be anyone getting replaced, ever.”

And although Burnett said that this game of musical chairs was his “nightmare,” he acknowledged that his judges have “an obligation to their fans.”

For his part, Blake Shelton said that a year-round season would be both a blessing and a curse. “It would be hard for me to get up out of that chair and let someone else be there,” Shelton said. “It’s also hard for me to be in that chair and know that I could be out there touring too.”

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