Green Day Keep It Simple For “Nuclear Family”: Watch

Green Day has premiered “Nuclear Family” and its bare bones video today (Sep. 11), making it the third single from their ninth studio album ¡Uno! (Sep. 25). The song envisions the nuclear family as nuclear bomb (“It’s the death of the nuclear family staring up at you”). And while there’s even a countdown closing out the song to hammer that point home, it’s not as blatantly a “message” song as much of the material on their two prior albums.

Front man Billie Joe Armstrong throws in a couple old school rock yelps as well as a solid solo, and the track has some fluid interplay between Tre Cool‘s fills and Mike Dirnt‘s spunky bass line. The straightforward tune got a straightforward video, but we can assume they’re just saving all the fireworks for their massive North American tour, which starts November 26. Watch the video up above.

[via Yahoo!]