Ben Folds Five’s “On Being Frank”: Idolator Premiere

Ready to groove back to the days of sunny ’70s piano-and-strings pop awesomeness, a la Elton John, Billy Joel and Carly Simon? Your mellow musical guides for the trip will be none other than Ben Folds Five, who have reunited for The Sound Of The Life Of the Mind. It’s the band’s first release since 1999 — and if there’s any doubt that we’re over the moon about these guys getting back together, look no further than our 12 Most Anticipated Fall Albums roundup.

Now, a week ahead of The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind‘s release, we’re premiering album track “On Being Frank”. Head below to hear this gorgeously melodic gem from the trio, which, lyrically, gives a knowing wink to Frank Sinatra. Warning: you will mellow out.

Ben Folds Five — “On Being Frank”

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  • Henry Mansfield

    It sounds very Reinhold Messner to me

  • JohnF

    Not feeling this one as much.

  • graham

    like the song a lot. wish darren and robert were in it more, vocally.

  • VFF

    love this, reminds me of eddie walker :)

  • dave

    Got a chance to hear the new album… definitely picking this one up on CD on the 18th! CAN’T WAIT!

  • RockOnMN

    I also just found a great article about these guys on Rolling Stone! So much hype for this new album – cant wait!!!

  • Coltrane

    Was he purposefully imitating John Lennon’s “How?” If so I love it!