Rihanna’s New Album Due Out In November, Sources Say

If the charts are a hopeless place, Rihanna is planning a serious rescue mission. The Bajan chanteuse’s winning streak of releasing a platinum album every November is set to continue for a fourth consecutive year: Ri is reportedly readying the release of her her seventh (!) studio album this November, with a new single due out as soon as this Monday, September 17. (This is good news for those of us who are sick of having Flo Rida‘s “Whistle” stuck in our heads all the time.)

According to a tweet from the French arm of her label, Def Jam, the new single is due out Monday, with the album set for a November release. That tweet has since been deleted, and replaced with the following tweet clarifying that more information will be made available tomorrow, Thursday, September 13:

Although our French is rusty, we’re pretty sure a rough translation of that is, “Whoops, sorry guys! We totally dropped the ball releasing that info two days early, but just hold your breath until Thursday and then Rihanna can come rule the charts once more.” Or something.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jed-Camara-Ocot/1422912679 Jed Camara Ocot

    I don’t understand why she does this. I love her but I feel like she’s scared to go away for a few years in fear that people won’t care for her anymore when she returns with new music. Most of her peers who have been out around the same time are barely on album number three or four. But seven? Christina Aguilera only has four albums under her belt since 1999. She makes making music (as good as hers is) look way to easy. “Talk That Talk” wasn’t her best. She should take her time to make an album.

    • carlos

      when you have a group of writers and producers making a song without the need of you being present, it is in fact easy.

  • tamsa

    as a die hard rihanna fan–i am a little annoyed–she needs to take a small break, i mean if she waited another year to put out another album I would still buy it then. She needs to relax especially when sometimes she cannot perform properly because of exhaustion.

  • commanderofthedanceflo

    im excited almost every album from the last three years has gone platinum with talk that talk the exception siting a couple thousand away from being platinum. i wonder why artist do not put out albums more frequently like rihanna, they do not have to do it every year like her but dam i hate waiting like 4 or 5 years just to hear an album that only took the artist 5 months to make. by that time most people have lost interest in the artist and then you get people like nelly furtado, they are still good but they do not know how to stay current and everybody basically looses interest. the same for christina aguilera she will never sell like she use to because she was gone too long and people lost interest. your die hard fans will only stay that way as long as you keep giving them new music without waiting years and years.

    • The World

      TTT is platinum lol

  • columbus

    I don’t understand those who say Talk that Talk wasn’t her best work. I think it’s one of her best, in my opinion, as well as most critics. She (or her writers) have mastered the craft of dirty songwriting that would make Prince and Janet Jackson proud.