Ciara’s “Sorry” Video: Watch A Preview

Ciara "Sorry" Video Preview
Apology Accepted
Anticipation is running high for Ciara‘s big comeback single “Sorry”, since her last big comeback single, “Sweat,” was neither “big” nor a “comeback.” And while the single is set to premiere on BET’s 106 and Park tomorrow, Sep. 13, the Princess of Crunk&B gave her fans a little tease today when she premiered a 30-second clip of the new video. 

The instrumentation doesn’t reveal much, and that very brief clip is a pretty melancholy affair: Ciara pines over a guy in her car, then Ciara pines over a guy in her house. But it leaves viewers with a lot of questions: Who’s sorry? Ciara? Her man? Are they both sorry? What are they sorry for? Is it too late to apologize? Does “Sorry” seem to be the hardest word to say? Or are they sorry for party rocking?

Cross your fingers that all of these questions and more are answered when CiCi’s video drops tomorrow.


    For the record, the only reason why “Sweat,” was neither “big” nor a “comeback” is because it was canceled and pulled from the charts just hours after it’s release. Had she kept it on there, it would’ve been big, especially since 2 Chainz is a hot topic right now. Any song with him on it, fans will be sure to jam.