Whatcha Say: Nicki Minaj’s Obama Support & Lady Gaga’s Shaved Head Got Readers Taking

Over the past week, Lady Gaga shaved off her blonde locks, Nicki Minaj clarified her recent rap about Mitt Romney, the finished version of Christina Aguilera‘s new single “Your Body” surfaced and Britney Spears and Demi Lovato made their debuts on The X Factor. Naturally our readers gave pieces of their music-happy minds on all of these pop shenanigans.  Catch what they had to say below!

:: D. was wow-wow-wow-wowed by Kylie Minogue Performs “Flower” & Other Hits At London’s Proms In The Park: Watch: “This concert was so great!! I’m so glad BBC Radio aired it live worldwide on Saturday. Can’t Get You Out of My Head was great. It almost sounded like a James Bond theme. I of course love Flower and am glad it’s finally seeing a release, but I think my favourite of the night was the acoustic/gospel version of Wow! It’s a shame it didn’t make the track list for the Abbey Road Sessions, but at least we have this great live performance!”

:: Yahong puckered up for Carly Rae Jepsen’s “This Kiss”: Hear The Clubby Single: “This is incredible — mature but still effusive pop fun! You’re right, this is a variety of styles from CRJ, and I can’t wait for it.”

:: Americangirl99 rocked the voters on President Barack Obama Asked About Nicki Minaj’s Mitt Romney Rap: “Why is it so ‘horrible’ if Nicki Minaj votes for Mitt? If race is not an issue, then why can’t ALL people vote or support whom they choose? Based on policy and performance. If Nicki came out for a live concert & just sat on the stage doing nothing, would anyone go to a concert of hers again? Same goes for the president. Now, he did not sit & do nothing these 4 years. He worked very hard causing division & hate like we have never seen in the US! I hope Nicki votes for whom she believes in & not by race only!”

:: Eric Willard, in turned, impeached the Queen Barb on Nicki Minaj Supports Obama After All, Everyone Can Relax Now: “It has already been reported that she has had residences in 3 states and she’s not registered in any of them. She is a troll in more ways than one. I never cared for her music and I $&%# sure don’t care who she “would” vote for. She is irrelevant.”

:: Roger Sanchez liked what he heard on Pet Shop Boys’ Elysium, The XX’s Coexist & Dave Matthews Band’s Away From The World Get Reviewed: The Drop: “I couldn’t agree more with Pet Shop Boys Elysium – It was a tough listen at first with only a handful of songs standing out, but after listen number three or four, I was sold – PSB albums are notorious for getting used to the awesomeness of their music after a couple of listens…Excellent, excellent, excellent…A solid ‘A’ from me : )”

:: Danny got snippy on Lady Gaga Shaves Her Head To Honor Terry Richardson’s Mother: “Gaga takes everything so serious and deep. His mom was in pain and she passed on. All this hair and “princess die” stuff is totally foolery.”

:: kick threw a punch on Britney Spears & Demi Lovato’s Debut On The X Factor: Review Revue: “brit is annoying and fat, she’s like the critical mom down the street you thought was a MILF. Instead, she’s straight up weird and straight-forward. She looks like she’s been roughed up too much and she’s purely reactionary to everything. If I se her laugh with her mouth open one more time, I’m throwing a football for her to catch with her teeth. That mouth is big enough. She spoils the whole show.”

:: Bri Tampico spun her red chair around for Christina Aguilera Wants “Your Body”: Hear Xtina’s Comeback: “This is S.E.X.Y. Mama’s back! Better than ever! Love the fact that she is being herself, staying humble and working with Max Martin.”

:: Jed Camara Ocot made no apologies on Ciara’s “Sorry” Video: Watch The Smooth, Soulful Clip: “I feel like she’s been trying to replicate the success of ‘Promise’ from her second album and this is the closest she’s come. It’s a solid song. It has a very old-school R&B feel to it…something Mariah tried to do with ‘Triumphant’ but failed. I can see why many artists including Mariah, Brandy and JoJo want to go back to the 90′s R&B sound. Where Mariah got it wrong, Ciara definitely gets it right. It may not be a ‘pop’ smash but I think Ciara’s fans will definitely love it as well as sway some audiences who are craving a quality R&B song.”

:: gigi almost formed a coherent sentence on Chris Brown’s Fortune CDs Labeled With “This Man Beats Women” Sticker: “I’m disgusting for peole wrote this, Chris Brown is an best artist, I love U Chris”

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