Guinevere’s “Missed Calls” Video: Idolator Premiere

Guinevere Missed Calls Video
When Guinevere Calls, Pick Up The Phone
Guinevere is many things: An electro-pop princess, Popping Up alumnus and one of the brightest talents in the pop landscape — which makes it a particular pleasure to premiere the clip for her new video, “Missed Calls.” It’s a cover of Mac Miller‘s song of the same name, but the Canadian stunner puts a unique twist on the rap track, giving it an unexpectedly emotive turn — and the sun-dappled video, directed by Footage, makes the song’s wistful vibe all the more poignant.

While it’s hard not to be dazzled by Guinevere’s past high-glamour videos, this stripped-down turn might be even more likable. Gwen, we’d never red-button you.

  • tyler

    shes pretty good!

  • Yonnie

    AWESOME!!! wow, this is amazing!

  • Amanda

    She literally took one of my favourite songs, and made it better! I have listened to this…hmmm….100 times today, and it’s only 11:00am! I love you Guinevere!

  • Stacie

    It’s a good song Guinevere! :)

  • syck magazine

    SYCK Magazine This is the true Guinevere we know,past all the glam and hype there is this amazing person whose talent is just a window of who she is.and this song proves just that.


    Fell in love with Guinevere when I saw her live in Dallas back in March and I’ve been patiently waiting for new music. Saw her recently in San Antonio and once again put on an amazing show. This version is so so much better simply because her vocals and lyrics made it stand out more. Cant wait to see her live again.