Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad 25′: Kylie Minogue, Miguel & More Remember The King Of Pop

Sep 17th, 2012 // 9 Comments
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Michael's Bad Is 25
Michael Jackson Bad
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Tomorrow (September 18) brings the 25th anniversary re-release of Michael Jackson‘s seventh studio album, Bad. Over the past month we’ve celebrated the momentous occasion by revisiting MJ’s 1988 Bad tour performance of “Human Nature”, presenting a rare demo of “Smooth Criminal” (“Al Capone”), listing our favorite pop star covers of Bad tracks and even giving away a copy of the re-release. But we’re not the only ones excited the late King Of Pop’s music milestone.

We chatted up  some of our favorite pop stars about what Bad, the fifth-highest selling album of all time, has meant to them. Kylie Minogue, Miguel, Alex Clare, Wonder Girls and more told us their personal stories of the first time they heard Jackson’s final album of the ’80s and the lasting impression its made, not just on their own music, but on the pop landscape. Whether it was on vinyl, cassette or their iPod — or they were taking in the album’s music videos on VHS tape or while glued to the TV set waiting for MTV to play the them just once more — each artist had their own vivid memory to share.

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  1. xSushi

    That was my jammmmm when I was 3… there are all these funny home movies of me with my cousin who was 4 going ape-S#it whenever that song came on… jumping on the sofa, throwing our bottles, and dancing lol.

    Awww MJ, R.I.P., and thanks for the memories!

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  3. rekha

    miss u deeply

  4. BAD25 finally releases…!!!

  5. afotex

    hello people in d house.

  6. Love The King forever!!!

  7. krissy

    the KING 4ever ♥

  8. Spress

    great short retrospective! enjoyed hearing from Wonder Girls too, but next time use a better microphone/recorder please!

  9. Sandeep Sabir

    Thanks for posting this. Today I watched documentary film about Michael Jackson titled ‘Living with Michael Jackson’. I recommend you to watch this if you did n’t watch yet.


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