Kris Allen Splits With RCA Records, Tells Fans “I Will Never Stop”

After winning American Idol, one would hope that Kris Allen‘s security with his label would be pretty much guaranteed. Alas, THR reports that the Idol‘s Season 8 champion has parted ways with RCA Records. Though his 2009 self-titled debut charted at #11 and spawned the single “Live Like We’re Dying,” Allen’s May 2012 sophomore LP Thank You Camellia underperformed, which likely factored into the separation with the label.

It’s a bummer for Allen’s fan base — although, since he signed with new management earlier this month, it’s probable that he’ll be on his way to a new deal before too long. Click below the jump to read Allen’s statement to his fans regarding the split. 

In a statement, Kris explained to his fans:

I wanted to let everyone know that RCA and I have decided to split ways. I thank them so much for everything that they did for me. There are so many people there that contributed to my becoming the artist that I am and I will miss them all. In saying that,  I am really excited about what is ahead. The path has never been clearer to me. I love what I do and I will never stop. So, to my amazing fans, thank you so much for everything so far but things are only gonna get more fun. I promise.”

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  • Amanda

    Not so much surprised, but not so upset either. Yeah, it is a bummer because it’s an unknown and everyone doesn’t know what’s going to happen, but at the same time I think a lot of people were sort of waiting for this because we’ve been wanting him to be with a label or whatever that actually cares about him. He’s such an amazing, creative, talented musician and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  • Marty

    Not surprised. It was clear from the way #TYC was rolled out that RCA wasn’t putting much behind it, which is a shame because it’s such a great album. But then again, he didn’t do much himself this summer either. He said repeatedly that Arkansas is not the place to be if you want to make it in the music business, yet he sat around there all summer. Time to spread your wings Kris! #goforit

    • musicfan

      RCA is the one who dropped the ball surrounding the release of his album especially after it was released. He should have been booked for TV shows as other artists are usually booked for when releasing new music. His contract with 19 was up the day of his album release. He needed management and the record label have his back in this release and he needed to do radio promos. He only got to do a few major cities.

  • Paul

    Sad to hear this. TYC was definitely the album of the summer for me! Hope that Kris goes on to find a better and more supportive record label, maybe we’ll actually see some publicity in the future!