Christina Aguilera’s ‘Billboard’ Cover: See The Pop Star Resurrected

The Christina Aguilera comeback train shows no signs of stopping. The songbird is set to premiere the video for her new single “Your Body” very soon — just as soon as the world clips in its rainbow-colored hair extensions and finishes drinking that Slurpee — and now, the promotional machine has delivered her first big magazine cover of the Lotus era.

Aguilera will appear on the cover of Billboard next week, looking “Glam” as ever in peachy makeup and a white crocheted top. The headline reads, intriguingly, “The Resurrection Of Christina,” suggesting two key pieces of information: 1) The commercial underperformance of Bionic was so egregious that it can be described as a “death” from which Christina Aguilera had to be resurrected, and 2) Christina Aguilera is Jesus. Any questions? We didn’t think so. 

In all seriousness, Billboard got a first listen to the upcoming LP, and we’re eager to hear more details about what to expect on Lotus. And that “How The Voice Helped Her Find Hers” cover line? Very tantalizing. The upcoming issue hits newsstands next week, with Lotus due out November 13.

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