Wonder Girls Give Behind-The-Scenes Look At Their US Promo Tour: Idolator Exclusive

Sep 22nd, 2012 // 9 Comments
The Girls Take Over America!
Dance, Wonder Style!
Watch them break down their dance to "Like Money." Read More »

Wonder Girls recently gave us all a special dance tutorial on how to perfect their “Like Money” moves, but Idolator wasn’t the only stop on our favorite K-Pop girl group’s promotional tour. The lovely quintet also  hit up various radio stations, media outlets and dance clubs in both New York and Los Angeles. Lucky for us, they passed along a video clip that gives a fly-on-the-wall look at all the antics Sun, Yubin, Yenny, Sohee and Lim got up to during their American jaunt.

Cutest moment: the entire Wonder Girls crew sing “Happy Birthday” to an embarrassed Yenny by candlelight. Get an inside look at their Wonder world above!


  1. wonderful

    Wonder Girls are so cute and adorable! My Yubin!

  2. eunzy

    sing “Happy Birthday” to an embarrassed Yenny ??? no, it s Lim ‘s bday.

  3. Bommie

    Um…it was Lim’s birthday LOL

  4. krissy

    ahhh.. i love these girls to much ! WG♥

  5. Yumi

    “Sun, Yubin, Lim, Sohee and Lim got up to during their American jaunt”. Since when were there two Lim’s in the group? XD

  6. Ness

    so cute!

  7. P3P

    Great. I really like WG US debut. Have you listened to Like Money? I really think these korean girls have a chance in the Western music industru. Don’t you agree?

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