iHeart Radio Music Festival, Day One: Green Day Freak Out, Plus Lil Wayne, PSY & No Doubt

green day iheartradio smash guitar
Would You Confuse This Man With Justin Bieber?
With all that talent churning around Las Vegas this weekend, what could possibly go wrong? Believe it or not, there is a drawback to having so many huge acts performing in one space over just a couple of days — trying to squeeze all that showmanship into a set short enough to make room for the others, which already prompted at least one meltdown from Billie Joe Armstrong. When Green Day‘s set was cut short to make room for the next act, “Oh Love” turned to “No Love,” complete with guitar-smashing and a profane sh0ut-out to poor Justin Bieber.

Was Billie Joe truly upset, or was it all for the sake of entertainment? Perhaps a little of both? Fortunately, the rest of the talent was better-behaved, with an appearance by a husky-voiced Britney Spears, No Doubt performing their next Push & Shove single “Looking Hot,” Ryan Lochte (and his grill) joining Miley Cyrus to introduce Lil Wayne, and of course, the suddenly-everywhere viral sensation PSY doing “Gangnam Style.” Catch all this and more below.

Britney Spears & Ryan Seacrest

PSY – “Gangnam Style”

Green Day – “Oh Love”

No Doubt – “Looking Hot”

Miley Cyrus & Ryan Lochte introduce Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne & Keyshia Cole – “Enough of No Love”

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  • xJorg

    poor Justin Bieber?? W?? R U kiddin’ us? POOR BILLIE JOE!!

  • xxttp

    Yeah you tell ‘em Billie Joe! Stick it to the man.

  • EVG

    that’s rock and roll, I love it, speedy recovery from what ever you party with billy, but next time maybe you can use actual beeber instead of guitar lol