Rihanna’s New Single “Diamonds” To Drop Wednesday

rihanna diamonds
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She’s no slacker! Just in time for Talk That Talk to run out of radio-friendly singles, Rihanna‘s readying another album to make sure that our ears don’t go Rihanna-less for even a matter of weeks. Elvis Duran of New York’s Z100 Morning Show has the honor of unearthing the sparkly first single from Ri Ri’s seventh album in as many years, called “Diamonds.” When asked how we’ll feel upon hearing the track, Ri Ri responded: “You’re not sad, or dancing. You’re happy… and hippy,” before getting more serious. “Diamonds” will be “very hopeful and positive” with a sound that surprises fans.

Rihanna went on to tell Elvis that she likes to keep ahead of the curve to keep giving fans something new to listen to.

A new Rihanna single is hardly as rare as a precious gem, but we’re still looking forward to a new set of songs from the island beauty when “Diamonds” drops early Wednesday morning.

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  • Ritchard Mckie

    1pm Wednesday U.K. Time can’t wait.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vladimir-Movsesian/100002595939788 Vladimir Movsesian

    Her production is good at singles but not albums. Sorry, I’m waitiing for Lotus!

  • P3P

    Can’t agree with you more Vladimir. I think she always releases good tracks as singles but albums, in their whole entirety, lack of something, see Rated R for example. Good songs but not connected between them (Te Amo and Rude Boy just to make an example).

    • Evan

      I agree that she is more of a singles artist, but I don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to Rated R. Rated R is her best album. It may not have been that commercially successful, but it’s her most artistic album and the only one that actually plays like an album. It’s her other albums that play more like singles collections. Loud is one hell of a singles collection though. Same with GGGB. TTT not so much, other than “We Found Love” and “Where Have You Been”.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vladimir-Movsesian/100002595939788 Vladimir Movsesian

        Agree with Evan. Rated R is the only one which works as ALBUM. Loud is good, remarkable, but incomplete – there’s something missing. The rest of her albums – I don’t get into – they don’t impress – they don’t leave a message (I’m not talking about certain songs as Umbrella or We Found Love).

      • P3P

        Evan I am not saying RR is a bad album, in fact I really think it contains very stand-alone good songs. Anyway, as written above, I think it lacks of integrity, of a fil rouge that gives the album a univocal meaning. She sings about deep love in Russian Roulette with good melodic sonorities and quite good singing harmonies, then she pops out with the raggamuffin Rude Boy with kinda superficial lyrics, then she returns to the fem-love theme in Te Amo. If love should have been the common theme of the whole album, well I think it’s kinda blurry my side.
        Just to make an example, I think that a solid and well structured album built around a well defined central idea (in this case break.ups) is Norah Jones in Little Broken Hearts.

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