Rihanna’s Mysterious New Website Tells Us Nothing (Yet) About Her Seventh Album

Rihanna‘s not usually a girl who liked to tease — usually, she’s perfectly happy just laying it all out there for all the world to see. (Particularly when it involves flaunting her body.)

But the new website Rihanna7.com is all kinds of enigmatic, emblazoned with an “R” made up of words that don’t quite seem to be lyrics or a track list, exactly. They’re words commonly associated with Rihanna, such as references to her “Navy,” the word “roc,” the title of her upcoming single “Diamonds,” and even a random reference to a Talk That Talk track (“Red Lipstick”). What does it all mean?!?

There is some speculation that the website may indicate that Rihanna’s seventh studio album will be called, quite appropriately, 7. This may be, in which case Rihanna seems to be one-upping Beyonce‘s 4 (or, technically, three-upping her) by putting out almost double the number of LPs even though Bey’s been around a lot longer. But this kind of copycatting seems a little beneath someone as established as Ri Ri. (Plus, it just reminds us of the movie Se7en, which in turn reminds us of Gwyneth Paltrow‘s head in a box. Ew.)

More likely, the website is just a reference to the fact that this is Rihanna’s seventh album, with the actual title “coming soon” as promised. We bet at least a few track titles we’ll see on the album are buried in here, along with some lyrics, perhaps. But mostly, we think this is just a big ol’ tease to keep us salivating until “Diamonds” hits the airwaves on Wednesday.

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