Kelly Clarkson Covers Adele: Watch Her Take On “Someone Like You”

kelly clarkson adele cover
Risky Business
Kelly Clarkson treated her Aussie fans to a cover of Adele‘s “Someone Like You” on Monday (September 24). And the former American Idol winner knew that even for her it would be a daunting task. “I’ve actually been avoiding this song,” she told the crowd, “because Adele might be one of the best singers of all time. It’s very hard to cover people that are rad…Hopefully I do it justice and I don’t suck.”

So, did she do it justice? Honestly, we were hoping for more from Clarkson. She couldn’t hold out the notes quite as smoothly or as long as Adele (but who can?), so she needed to throw in some additional runs to keep up. On the first and third iterations of the chorus, she sounded particularly thin and out of breath, but regained her confidence for the second and final refrains. Watch the whole thing up top.

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  • Jordan

    I think your ears are jacked. She made it own and her vocals soared. She was out of breath? Right. Adele is amazing and Kelly clarkson is amazing. Writing a bad review about kelly clarkson is the dumbest thing i’ve heard.

  • zimfar

    What an asinine review and an amazing rendition of a great song. It was sheer perfection. Different than Adele’s but just as beautiful and heartfelt.

  • zimfar

    let me re-state that correctly..
    What an asinine review OF an amazing rendition of a great song. It was sheer perfection. Different than Adele’s but just as beautiful and heartfelt.

  • zimfar

    p.s. what the hell is a vibrato run? there is no such thing. get a grip buddy, your bias is showing.

  • Tom

    Seriously? It’s not about being out of breath during certain verses, it’s about a stylistic choice to use head vs. chest voice, to play with the dynamics of the song. It’s particularly smart when dealing with a song as well known as that one.

  • Fan4me

    are you kidding?? This performance was FANTASTIC! Kelly’s vocals were way more grabbing than Adele’s. This might as well be Kelly’s song!

  • Sandra Tunis Penney

    I completely disagree with you. I think it’s a beautiful performance. It’s not an Adele performance, it’s a Kelly performance and she did an amazing job.
    Also, like some others have mentioned, what is a “vibrato runs, thrown in”? I’ve never heard that term before. I know what a run is, I also know what vibrato is, but I don’t think they go together to make anything. It sounds like something somebody made up thinking it sounded like something bad.

  • D.

    Wow, Idolator has always had troubles with the accuracy of many of the stories it reports on (mostly due to poor fact checking), so I don’t really expect much from this site, but this really dives into complete idiocy. If you bothered to pay any attention at all to Kelly Clarkson’s career and her performances, you would note that she often uses vibrato runs. This performance only highlights what an incredible vocalist she is. Using vibrato in this song is a stylistic choice, not one to cover up a lack of talent. I would suggest that before writing about music, that you actually understand what music is. Also, if she did sing it exactly like Adele, you probably would have been complaining and calling it a copycat karaoke version.

  • Kate

    Adele’s voice is robust and richly textured. Kelly’s voice is textured yet dynamic and soaring. To expect one to sing like the other is asinine. They each sing the song their own way, and thank goodness for that! Kelly sang a gorgeous rendition of the song her way, and I absolutely loved it.

  • Justin SanDiego

    Kelly did amazing on this, she never fails for me :)

  • guest

    I thought it was beautiful. I understand where Idolator is coming from, but while they didn’t exactly say it was a bad performance they did get a little too picky when they were reviewing Kelly’s rendition of the song. Pointing out little “flaws” (or what this author considers flaws, anyway) like that is a ridiculous.
    Again, I thought Kelly did a great job, and everybody knows she can sing anything. I wish she would release an album with all the songs she covered on tour, but I know that’s a Long Shot. (See what I did there?)

  • Bri Tampico

    She did great, wish Idolator and you guys also saw this beautiful version by a new American boy band called “RADIO FOR THE PEOPLE” their version of SOMEONE LIKE YOU Kelly would love it!

  • Bri Tampico

    here it is!
    “Radio for the People” – SOMEONE LIKE YOU LIVE
    [video-embed url="http%3A//"]

  • Max

    I didn’t get your review. It was a pretty good rendition IMO. Admittedly, I liked Adele’s version better, even though I think Adele is generally over-rated and Clarkson is generally under-rated. Adele sounds astounding when she sings her type of song but not as good when she sings anything out of her genre. I remember being underwhelmed when she sang an India Arie song on VH1 Divas before her popularity blew up. Also, she has a narrower range than one would expect, certainly narrower than Clarkson’s anyway.

  • Adam

    Her version was good, but I was more impressed by the audience. Not sure what it is about non-US audiences, but I was glad to actually be able to hear Kelly instead of Kelly mixed with obnoxious screaming/talking/etc.

  • Hakim

    This was awesome, this review is trash

  • Jay Kmonk

    I’ve been a huge Adele fan since before her first album was released. I had never heard Kelly sing until now. I would like to say to all the Kelly fans that commented, I am very impressed that everybody was respectful. You’ve probably seen some sites where fans of artists slam each other and slam the singers, so I was so happy that you keep it classy here.
    I was also impressed that Kelly herself gave Adele props by saying “Adele might be one of the best singers of all time”. That was so sweet and respectful. I am now a big fan of Kelly (I hope you have room for one more). I thought Kelly was trying to sing the song for the enjoyment it would bring to the fans that night, which is cool … she wasn’t try to pretend she could sing it as well as Adele. She was even funny about it, saying “I hope I don’t suck”. Good for her for keeping it respectful and fun. As for the performance, I noticed two aspects that created a different vibe (neither are related to voice). First, the pace of the song was much quicker than Adele’s version, so some of the profound sadness and emotion gets lost in the speed of delivery. Second, the guitar cannot convey the sad mood of the ballad as well as the piano does. Nothing against the guitarist (it’s not his fault they didn’t have a piano). Those were the two most noticeable aspects for me. Love Kelly for having the guts to try such a difficult song. Even she admitted she had been advoiding this one. Gutsy Girl … most artists would not dare try to swim in that pool in front of a live audience. Love Her Class. Peace!

  • Tea Kostic-Jankovic

    I’m so sorry, but I have to say that this cover is the best cover of all covers in the universe! Kelly sings with her soul, it’s almost as if I can see her emotions all over the place. Kelly is, if I may add the best singer for me. I am absolutely astonished with her singing. Who ever wrote this review is a jealous Adele fan…xD