Christina Aguilera’s “Your Body” Video: Watch The Sexy Clip

Christina Aguilera Your Body Video
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Christina Aguilera has made it very obvious how she feels about our body — that is, she wants to love it. Incidentally, that’s exactly how we felt about the video for her new Max Martin-penned single “Your Body,” which just premiered on the “Woohoo” songbird’s YouTube channel. And Aguilera didn’t disappoint with this clip, which gave us a whole lot of body. (And a whole lot of hilarious other stuff, too.)

From the first shot, it’s clear that Aguilera’s taking a smart new direction in her Lotus era. The diva, who (and we say this with complete affection) has a way of seeming the tiniest bit self-satisfied in interviews and on The Voice, has a genuine and very charming sense of humor in this video, which doesn’t take itself quite so seriously. The clip is just pure campy glamour. As a trashy, vampy vixen living the fab life in a desert trailer park, Aguilera is all about checking in with her psychic on her old desktop computer, jumping into muscle cars with strange men and hooking up with hotties in dive bar bathrooms. Basically, she’s living the YOLO dream.

Whereas “Not Myself Tonight” played without a trace of irony, this video shows off a Christina who seems to be having a good time. It’s a deliriously fun vibe for her, maybe her best since the Stripped era. (The “Dirrty” braids she shows off when she’s hooking up with the guy at the bar? That’s definitely the look.)

But most importantly, the clip is funny and engaging, proving that she’s not all about smug self-aggrandizing — she’s a girl who knows how to laugh at herself. Sincerely, it’s been years since we loved a Christina Aguilera video this much.

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  • Vladimir Movsesian

    She’s really having fun! Glam is her sister!) LOVE it!

  • P3P

    Love the new and roundy Christina and love the song too…kinda reminds me Ke$ha in “We R Who We R”. A+ to Mrs. Aguilera!

  • jervy

    so now she’s imitating nicki minaj + katy perry… good thing she got a good director for her video

  • jp

    god, i missed her eyebrows. thank god she grew them out

  • anonymous

    She looks like a fake stupid barbie in this video. Grow up Christina! You’re too old to be playing dress up.

  • anonymous

    She’s sending a bad image to young girls. Her look is not realistic. Who cares about looks anyway. I personally like uglier girls.

  • Mhy Ellen

    I looove Christina’s makeup in this video! A little too much fake bake for my taste, but it was cute. For anyone who’s looking to copy Christina’s makeup look in this video, check out this link: