Christina Aguilera’s “Your Body” Video: Review Revue

The long-awaited video for Christina Aguilera‘s “Your Body” premiered today (September 28), and it was a perfect way to start the weekend. The funny, campy clip finds the singer donning several wigs as she seduces and slays various unlucky suitors in a mess of pastel and glitter splatters. The pulsating track’s acid-dream trailer park video had people obsessing equally over the cartoonish violence and Xtina’s garish outfits — but they key, of course, is that it had people talking. Read on for our roundup of reactions to the tongue-in-cheek video.

:: We found the video to be thoroughly entertaining, saying Xtina showed “a genuine and very charming sense of humor…it’s been years since we loved a Christina Aguilera video this much.”

:: MTV was taken by the clip’s over-the-top violence, calling it reminiscent of Natural Born Killers. And, of course, there were the costumes: “…here her costumes aren’t meant to be standalone shock pieces; they all play into the larger feel of the video itself, which, sure, is grisly and garish, but also incredibly clever and visually arresting.”

:: The Huffington Post saw a rainbow of fruit flavors: “We’ve literally never seen so many hair colors on one person in such a short span of time.”

:: Billboard noted the video seemed to be inspired by the unending stream of violence on TV, but felt a “standout of the video is, of course, Aguilera’s wardrobe selection, highlighted by a curve-hugging black dress, low-cut American flag shirt, jean vest covered in her blonde dreadlocks and long-sleeved white tee that reads ‘F*ck the Paparazzi.'”

:: Hitfix called the video “equal parts ‘I Love Lucy’ slapstick, Snooki and Beyonce’s trailer park pin-up ‘Party’ vid” and loved the self-awareness Xtina showed, saying, “she’s roared through the youth of promiscuous folly, and arrived on the other side now winking at herself and winking at us.”

:: Meanwhile, Spin was entertained, but didn’t find it as uproarious as everyone else: “It might take us a few more viewings to get the joke, but at least there’s enough amazing absurdity going on to make that prospect sound entertaining.”

:: Detroit News revved up this declaration: “Rarely has a violent road trip fantasy been this sexy.”

:: Entertainment Weekly warned, “If Christina Aguilera tries to lure you into the bathroom at a seedy bar, don’t do it! It’s a trick. How do we know? Because all of Xtina’s dirty little tricks are on display in her new ‘Your Body’ video…”

:: Rolling Stone added, “With a confident smile, Aguilera embarks on a series of seductions, reeling in men before killing them for corporeal pleasure. Be careful the next time someone tells you he or she wants your body: you might end up like this.

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