Whatcha Say: Christina Aguilera’s “Your Body” Video & Rihanna’s “Diamonds” Got Our Readers Talking

Over the past week, Christina Aguilera premiered her “Your Body” video, Lil Wayne turned 30, Rihanna and Ke$ha released their new singles, Kelly Clarkson performed an Adele cover live and No Doubt returned with their new album Push And Shove. Our readers took to their keyboards to spout off about this overflow of musical hoo-hah, and you can read our roundup of their opinions below. Hop to it, pop maniacs!

:: Jervy threw shade Christina Aguilera’s “Your Body” Video: Watch The Sexy Clip: “so now she’s imitating nicki minaj + katy perry… good thing she got a good director for her video”

:: James snapped Jervy into place, though: “Honey just stop saying words. No one likes a hateful ho.”

:: Jed was conflicted over Rihanna’s “Diamonds”: Listen To The Hypnotic Single: “It’s not a bad song. It does grow tiresome towards the last minute, though. While I’m glad she decided to ditch the sound that filled up her last two albums, I’m still on the fence about the song. I’ve been a fan since her second album (her first didn’t quite do it for me) and this song seems like it will grow on me. It doesn’t sound like a #1 hit (but then again most #1 hits these days are hit or miss), but maybe that’s her intention.”

:: James Jay R Neutron was disappointed with Ke$ha’s “Die Young”: Listen To Her First ‘Warrior’ Single: “I honestly don’t know what to expect now. It’s okay but it’s nothing amazing. “We R Who We R” & “TiK ToK” are far superior lead off singles.”

:: Guga wasn’t gaga over K$’s latest, either: “its basically just a chorus. i’m missing some nice verses, right? flop on the charts and then labeled as a “buzz single”?”

:: Esmeralda Loya lit the candles on Celebrate Lil Wayne’s 30th Birthday By Revisiting His First Single “Tha Block Is Hot”: “I LOVE YOU LIL WAYNE!!! YOU LOOK LIKE MY BOYFRIEND!!!!”

:: Jo Ann Spencer had us all ???? over her comment on Jennifer Hudson Joins Prince In Chicago: Watch The Powerful Duet: “I am happy Jennifer Hudson, it’s performer in Chicago now thank you Wow Prince I am a fan of your also sorry I miss the show but tell me let me no so I can win my way from the radio show W.B.L.S ok I enjoy the video fan”

:: Jordan‘s ire was sparked on Kelly Clarkson Covers Adele: Watch Her Take On “Someone Like You”: “I think your ears are jacked. She made it own and her vocals soared. She was out of breath? Right. Adele is amazing and Kelly clarkson is amazing. Writing a bad review about kelly clarkson is the dumbest thing i’ve heard.”

:: Blair needed a sweet escape from No Doubt’s ‘Push And Shove’: Album Review: “as an avid, avid no doubt fan for the last 18 years, i waited with such high hopes for this album. Listening to this album brought me to tears and not in the good way. I feel as though this is so far removed from anything No Doubt has ever stood for. I can’t identify with the lyrics, I’m not inspired by the lack of guitar riffs, bass chords or amazing drums that we were so accustomed to on their previous efforts. Gwen’s voice even sounds different…more over processed and less raw.”

:: P3P, however, dug the album: “Calm down guys. I think it’s not a bad album, and that’s for sure. I am following ND since 1992, so 20 years, since their first release of ND homonymous album. What I can say is that they sure have changed a lot, and I don’t mean it in a negative way. Doing ska and punk like they did in the 90′s (Tragic Kingdom times just to mena it) would have been a very bad idea both from commercial and a musical p.o.v. It is true that we were expecting something let’s say more in the ND chords, but they proved us that evolution is the reason why they are still in the wave after 20 years.”

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