Miguel Experiences “The Thrill” Of Partying: Watch

Oct 4th, 2012 // Comment
miguel the thrill video
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Miguel's "Do You..."
Miguel Do You Video
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With the premiere of “The Thrill,” Miguel has released two music videos in as many days for songs from his critically acclaimed new album Kaleidoscope Dream. Whereas the “Do You…” video depicted a fictitious night out with his real-life lady friend Nazanin Mandi, this one was shot at Naz’s actual birthday party. Miguel told Rolling Stone the video consists of his favorite moments from the soiree.

The black-and-white clip features quick-cut images flashing across the screen to complement the song’s choppy bass riff. And it all probably replicates the disjointed memories that flashed across the party-goers’ brains during the following day’s hangover. Watch it up top.

[via Rolling Stone]

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