Christina Aguilera’s ‘Lotus’ Album Artwork: See Lotustina Stripped (Again)

We’re not quite sure what to make of Christina Aguilera‘s cover artwork for her upcoming new studio album Lotus. On one hand, her hair, makeup and body are bangin’, albeit highly airbrushed. On the other hand, she’s channeling circa-2002 Stripped-era Xtina with the nude-cover-shot-with-hair-covering-breasts angle, emerging seductively from a pale pink lotus flower like some pastel parody of the Birth of Venus. And it’s hard not to ignore the fact that there’s a subtle glow effect obfuscating her lower half, which gives the disconcerting effect that her, um, Xtina is literally radiating heavenly light.

Maybe the album art is serving Adam Lambert For Your Entertainment kitsch-glam visual hyperbole, but if this is meant to be satirical, it’s not clear enough. Oh, Christina. You charm us with the tongue-in-cheek, campy “Your Body” video, and then confuse us with the doggedly self-serious Lotus visual campaign. At least your weave looks good.

  • danny

    It looks more like an ad for Nivea or Jergens or even makeup or a perfume.

  • Jed

    wow, this album cover is tragic.
    did she have to take her album title so literally?
    couldn’t she have expressed it differently?
    couldn’t she have worn clothes? I love that she’s thicker and she’s embraced it but it looks really awkward here.
    the whole thing looks cheap, airbrushed, photoshopped and unoriginal.

  • zee

    at least she’s not half motorcycle…

  • jane groove

    SO… many haters when florence and the machine does it, with “lungs” it alright…. but when christina does it, it’s awful…Lord People TRY to be objective and not be influence be what SOME people say!!!!!!!!

    • LOLA

      what similarities do you see between this atrocious monstrosity and the ‘lungs’ cover? i’m not a big FATM fan, but i looked up the cover and immediately thought: “Wow, that’s haunting.”

      i’m a massive x-tine fan and clearly comments sections are where we put in our two cents, not, as you so eloquently put it, “be influence be what SOME people say!!!!!!!!”

      my opinion: i saw the image and was like, REALLY REALLY? what about that promo shot where her hair was pulled tight and she had a flower behind her ear. class, girl i question her style judgement. she’s the type of girl that thinks sparkly is better. in another life, she would have been a voguing club kid, but now…it’s tacky.

      • LOLA

        (by voguing club kid, i obviously mean a drag queen.)

  • barbie

    if you increase the CONTRAST on the image – you can see her vagina Lol

  • anonymous

    Christina’s new album cover is horrible as usual! She looks like a drag queen and has had as much plastic surgery as Michael Jackson. That must be awful to be in showbiz! She tries too hard and overdoes it. That album will be a flop like Bionic.