Catch Oprah’s Reaction To Rihanna And Chris Brown’s Reunion

Chris Brown and Rihanna have been spotted spending time together recently, and some fans think it’s a show of weakness on Ri Ri’s part to hang out (and hook up?) with the man who left her bruised and beaten back in 2009.  But in any celebrity coupling, we should remember that it isn’t our opinion that matters — it’s Oprah Winfrey‘s. Next to an official pardon from a full-blown deity, O’s opinion is golden for any bad boy working his way back into the public’s good graces. So what does Oprah think of the reunion?

“No, I’m not surprised,” Oprah answers, after making a bug-eyed expression of extreme surprise at the news. “So be it. I have no judgment about it.”

While her initial reaction may imply that she does indeed have some judgment, O is probably wise to keep it to herself. Though we doubt all of Breezy’s detractors will take quite the same approach if these public appearances turn into another full-on romance between the two.

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