Muse Delve Into “Madness” On ‘SNL’: Watch

Oct 6th, 2012 // 3 Comments
M-M-M-Ma-Ma-Madness On S-S-S-S-N-L
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Admit it — you didn’t think Muse were going to be able to pull off their squiggly electronic number “Madness” live without sounding like total prats, right? Turns out the British band, whose latest LP The 2nd Law was released this week to generally positive reviews (including our own), pulled the song off rather admirably while performing on the Daniel Craig-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live. Synths churned, guitars crunched and Matthew Bellamy let out a mighty wail during the middle of the song, just before he launched into his Bono-esque falsetto for that “come to me, just in a dream, come on and rescue me” bit.

Watch Muse rock “Madness” for the SNL crowd above (and dig that iPad-like bass), then catch their funky performance of “Panic Station” below.

Muse — “Panic Station” on Saturday Night Live


  1. Michelle


  2. TB

    Come to me, just in a dream (as lyrics state on Muse’s website, for the record).

  3. Kay

    I hate to be a critic, but I think some of the song was pre-recorded. Watch the drummer’s first fill on the acoustic kit. Not in sync at all. Plus later, when he is partially blocked by the bassist, he drops a stick and I didn’t hear any change.

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