The 11 Best UK Boy Bands Of The Past 25 Years: From Take That To One Direction

Oct 10th, 2012 // 31 Comments
1D Live Young
One Direction Live While We're Young
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Take That's "Flood"
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Wanted Favorites
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These Blokes Keep Us Up All Night!
Take That One Direction

With a blockbuster year nearly behind them (their platinum hit “What Makes You Beautiful” hit the top four, spawning a number one album and a sold-out tour) and new single “Live While We’re Young” burning up the airwaves, British boy-band One Direction remind us of one of pop music’s most enduring truths: the most compelling all-male pop groups often hail from Ol’ Blighty.

Certainly one could make an argument for Stateside superiority on the backs of such legends as NKOTB, Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, but how do those guys stack up against the lads of The Wanted, Take That and 1D? And more importantly, which ones would win in a fight over us? Peruse our Top 10 list of the UK’s cuddliest crooners below and tell us who you think comes out on top in the game of pop!

11. Boyzone: Okay, so this boy band was Irish, but that didn’t stop them from becoming permanent fixtures in the British charts! (And sorry, Westlife — Boyzone won the coin toss here.) They hit the Top 40 there 19 times, most famously with their panty-melting ballad “No Matter What.” Just ahead of their 2000 break-up, “cute one” Stephen Gately came out of the closet, while “older one” Ronan Keating went on to a hugely successful solo career.


  1. taylor


    • april

      coldplay is not a boy band in this sense. yeah they’re male members…doesn’t mean they’re a boy band.

  2. keira

    busted and mcfly should be higher than 1D

  3. 1D is gorgeous


  4. april

    TAKE THAT… and I’m a newer fan, I’m only 22 but boy do I love that man band. Gaz

  5. ZAYN

    It’s all part of the roller coaster that is life!


    1D is the best i love u all


    1D’s best member is Niall. Hands Down!!! AND ALL Y’ALL KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!

  8. LeaStylinson

    1D*-* Lou and hazza

  9. LeaStylinson

    but i lovv all of them*-*

  10. LeaStylinson


  11. kate

    jonas brothers ?

  12. btr

    soo you telling me that wanted is better than big time rush?

  13. Hannah

    No Blue? Seriously?

  14. Sufiya

    One direction is the best.! i love u zayn

  15. kavitha

    I love Harry styles and Louis Tomlinson

  16. Akshaya

    I love u Louis,Harry &zayn

  17. kim


  18. DFDFDF


  19. Alba and sisters

    Me and my sisters love westlife for life and Britney Spears!!! Mark Patrick we will always love you from the bottom of our hearts…

  20. Alba and sisters

    Mark Patrick Feehily of Westlife is my Favorite.I love you eventhough you are hermaprodite!!!

  21. Katelyn Boyle

    MCFLY AND BUSTED HIGHER THAN ONE DIRECTION (i hate one direction -_-)

  22. count3

    westlife is the most successful boyband in UK for me, again battling it out with take that…. they have the most number 1′s and most top 10 single

  23. Marliny

    1D is the best British boy band ever.

  24. Olivia

    ONE DIRECTION!! I love one direction

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