Pink’s “Try” Video: Review Revue

Pink earlier today (October 10) premiered her evocative video for “Try”, the second single off her chart-topping album The Truth About Love. Directed by Floria Sigismondi and choreographed by The Golden Boyz (who have also worked with Britney Spears), the video tells the story of a tumultuous and (possibly) abusive relationship all through Pink and Colt Prattes’ interpretive dance. It may sound like the premise of a community theater project, but it ends up being a gripping piece of art.

Pretty much every outlet (ours included) raved about the precise, complex choreography. We were taken by the erotic violence of the dancing, and said that by playing it straight in the “genuinely stirring” clip, Pink “communicates volumes.” Read on to see how everyone else decided to heap praise on the video.

:: MTV said the performance “writhes with passion and tension” and that Pink “pushes herself — and, really, the entire concept of what a pop video can be — to the limit, and pulls it off with effortless grace.”

:: Rolling Stone concisely stated, “There’s violence, sex, tenderness, aggression and remorse in the moves, tied together with another gigantic chorus from Pink. Eat your heart out, Dancing With The Stars.”

:: Billboard pointed out that watching Pink and Prattes “engage in heart-wringing physical movements” makes it “easy to see why the pop star so thoroughly enjoyed the shoot.”

:: Hitfix felt the video allowed Pink to show off “her showmanship and physical abilities,” adding, “It’s very powerful, particularly since both performers hold their own in the give-and-take of command…Plus the styling is rad.”

:: Neon Limelight called the video “beautiful and passionate” and said, “It’s unlike anything Pink has ever done, or is currently being done in pop, and that’s what makes it so incredible.”

:: That Grape Juice gushed: “Ever-edgy, ever-risque, and ever out-of-the-box, Pink reaffirms all of these attributes with this stunning effort. Easily one of her most engaging videos…we love this.”

:: Pink’s mom even served up her own review, which the singer tweeted out:

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