Pitbull’s ‘Global Warming’ Cover Goes The Literal Route

Oct 11th, 2012 // Comment
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pitbull global warming cover

A storm is brewing: with the climate ripe for album news, Pitbull is trying to steal Rihanna‘s thunder and eclipse Nicki Minaj. The hot rapper released his Global Warming cover in a tidal wave of publicity within hours of those two divas releasing their album covers in a tornado of tweets.

The artwork for Global Warming (out November 19) takes the literal route: a clunky, Photoshopped image depicts Pit on stage, back to the camera, staring at a giant, glowing-hot Earth which is draped either by curtains or bacon. We think it’s bacon, to show that the globe is literally so warm it’s cooking the giant slabs of meat. Why not. Check out Pitbull’s tweet with the reveal after the jump.


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