Nicki Minaj & Cassie Tease Provocative Picture From “The Boys” Video Shoot

Even when she’s not sparring with Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj doesn’t seem to have any trouble stirring up controversy. Take, for example, the picture she tweeted recently of herself with her “The Boys” collaborator and video co-star Cassie, which is staged in a, uh, provocative way. A way that would be provocative even if Minaj weren’t totally transparent about her penchant for the ladies. (Did you ever hear the Christina Aguilera song Minaj appeared on, “Woohoo”? If not, count your blessings.)

Here’s what we can tell you about this video: 1) Nicki needs to ditch that rainbow wig stat, 2) Cassie’s body is sick and 3) Wherever this video was shot is exactly how we want our bedroom to look. If this video finally drops tomorrow — which we sincerely hope it does! — it’s bound to be an exceptionally pink Friday.