Britney Spears Confirms “Scream And Shout” Single With

It’s been confirmed for awhile that Britney Spears would appear on hashtag-happy autotune fiend‘s pushed-back new record #willpower, but after Will’s unfinished album tracks were leaked, the release status of the LP seemed uncertain. Now, at least one thing is clear: Britney’s come to save the day.

The pop superstar hit the red carpet last night at the taping of a tribute to Whitney Houston, where she spilled the beans to Access Hollywood that despite the earlier tracklisting — which claimed the song would be titled “Sexy Sexy” — they’re now releasing a single entitled “Scream and Shout.” “You just have to hear it!” Spears told an interviewer on the red carpet. “[Will] is just, like, a little radical genius scientist in the studio when he’s in there, and he just knows what he’s doing, so to be able to do a song with him is really fun.”

According to rumors, Spears and Will are actually set to shoot a video for the new single as soon as this weekend. Fan forum BreatheHeavy obtained a casting call from the video looking for dancers 18-30 who can do “black flips” (we’re hoping sincerely that they meant “back flips”) while wearing “sexy club” attire. Given that, we’re going to take a wild guess and assume that the song isn’t a ballad.

And though Will was responsible for the nadir of Spears’ last album Femme Fatale, the execrable stomper “Big Fat Bass,” new Britney is bound to be better than no Britney at all. Right?

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