Passion Pit’s ‘SNL’ Debut: Watch Them “Take A Walk” & Get “Carried Away”

Oct 13th, 2012 // Comment
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"Take A Walk" With Passion Pit
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Michael Angelakos and his passion project Passion Pit made their Saturday Night Live debut on the October 12 episode, hosted by Christina Applegate. Before the show, we wondered if SNL‘s notoriously bad acoustics would turn the group’s propulsive synth-pop into a muddled mess. Fortunately that wasn’t the case, partly because the band wisely opted for a pair of Gossamer‘s bouncy, squiggly tracks instead of the LP’s more smothering songs.

The downside to choosing intricacy instead of thick walls of synths, though, is that Angelakos’ voice can sound thin when performing those quieter songs live. He struggled a tad on “Take A Walk,” which you can watch up top, but he found his footing for the second song “Carried Away” which we’ve posted after the jump.


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