Watch Snoop Dogg “Pocket Like It’s Hot” In New Hot Pockets Commercial

Watch Snoop Dogg Eye, Then Dance With His Hot Pocket
Snoop Dogg may have reinvented himself as the reggae-inspired Snoop Lion, but apparently, an endorsement deal is a good enough excuse to revisit his 2004 smash single “Drop It Like It’s Hot.”

Snoop is now singing praises of Hot Pockets in, of course, “Pocket Like It’s Hot” — and, he’s doing it in more time than it takes to heat a Hot Pocket up. YouTube personality DeStorm takes cues from Pharrell‘s original verse in the No. 1 hit, and comedian-rapper Andy Milonakis lends a bonus verse while sitting in a sauna, condensation forming on his glasses and Hot Pockets heating up nearby.

The commercial presents so many questions: now can Snoop keep cool in a sauna while wearing a track suit? Wouldn’t a fur sleeve catch on fire when heated in a microwave? How hot does a Hot Pocket have to be, as Snoop claims, “setting off smoke alarms”? At the same time though, “Pocket Like It’s Hot” is a strange reminder than even eight years after its debut, any form of “Drop It Like It’s Hot” can rack up YouTube hits. (The commercial has already been viewed over one million times.)

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  • darci

    Wow, seeing Snoop aging is funny. Is this his version of trying to pull his own George Foreman-like middle-aged re-branding as a lovable, family-friendly pitchman? So many things going on in this ad it’s making my head spin. Funny thing is though, despite the overwhelmingly cheesy nature of this ad, it still gets stuck in my head – that’s a great credit to Pharrell/The Neptunes for making such a catchy beat and song that even the Hot Pockets lyrics over it are catchy.

  • fuccsnoop

    snoop lion and pork… yeah thats very rasta!!! fucc sticc