Miley Cyrus Is ‘So Undercover’: Watch a Preview

Turns out, Miley Cyrus has a full-on comeback planned for the second half of 2012: new music, a return to the small screen and, as revealed yesterday, a starring role in the Warner Bros. action comedy So Undercover.

The fast-talking Cyrus stars as Molly Morris, a high school student-turned-private investigator who, as the trailer surmises, “isn’t like most teenaged girls.” At the same time though, the So Undercover clip reveals scenes that look quite familiar — a “requisite” makeover, a struggle to walk in heels and a first encounter with a boy who will surely thwart the protagonist’s plans. See: 1999’s Never Been Kissed, 2000’s Miss Congeniality and even 2004’s Mean Girls.

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