Christina Aguilera’s Duet With Tony Bennett: Hear “Steppin’ Out With My Baby”

Oct 16th, 2012 // 2 Comments
Lotus Lady
Christina Aguilera Lotus Album Cover
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Tony Bennett 'Duets'
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Viva Duets
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Christina Aguilera joined Tony Bennett on his jazzy standard “Steppin’ Out With My Baby” for Bennett’s Latin-themed Viva Duets album (out October 22). The nude Lotus lady classes it up for this affair, sounding like she stepped out of a 1940s piano bar, her voice going toe-to-toe with the living legend’s. Xtina joins Latin superstars like Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan and Thalia on the record. Hear the duet after the jump.


  1. Jay

    I love me some fierce whiskey at times, but often enough all I need is a glass of smooth whiskey.

    In other words: Christina is the greatest singer of the 90s generation and whilst her vocal acrobats are beyond impressive, sometimes she just needs to pull back and give us a classic tune like this and we will clean the floor she walks with our tongues.

    I don’t know who her marketing team are, but as a fan I’m very worried. I honestly thought The Voice would be that stepping stone to becoming that respected musician again, but I can’t help think the route they’re taking is presenting a more tacky image. I don’t mean it in an offensive way, cause Your Body is a great pop tune. We don’t need Back to Basics 2.0 but I still want that Xtina back who knows how to slay with her ability to create a sound that is modern, yet timeless.

    I think timing is everything also in releasing an album and the fact that The Voice is still not at the finals is hurting the performance of her single and lead up to the album. The final weeks of this season would’ve been a greater time to release the album. (And rid of the hair extensions/colour, you’re better than Demi).

  2. Brandon Hall

    This is fabulous! I love Christina, her voice is splendid. I was a big fan of last years Duet II, and this is already turning out to be a worthy follow-up.

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