Election 2012: The 5 Best Tweets From Last Night’s Presidential Debate

The online discussion during last night’s (October 16) second presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney peaked at an astonishing 110,000 tweets per minute, with political commentators and everyday citizens alike offering opinions on the conversation. And yet, of equal import were the tweets from America’s recording artists, like Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert, who entered the fray to offer insight, humor and — in Aubrey O’Day‘s case — some rather cogent points on the myth of capital gains for the lower class, how “we live in a world of difference, [s]hrouded in perspective,” and why Romney is a “flop.” (Seriously, if O’Day’s solo career doesn’t pan out, she could probably make a killing as a pundit on MSNBC, or maybe a haiku writer.)

See our five favorite tweets from last night’s debate after the jump:

1. Presidential debates, by Bravo.

2. Is he trying to say that Romney looks petty?

3. Leave it to Gaga to comment on the production values.

4. While a little more context would have been helpful, we haven’t seen Diddy this passionate about anything since Making the Band.

5. Adam kept it classy.