Adele’s Record Label: Her Next Album “May Not Come For Some Years”

Oct 17th, 2012 // Comment
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Although Adele‘s recent Bond theme “Skyfall” has been keeping us sated as we await new tunes from the soulful chanteuse, her label, XL Recordings, released some bad news via a New York Times article earlier today (October 17). While reporting on their 2011 earnings — XL took in $67 million in profit in 2011 out of $181 million in revenue, up 400% from the $36 million they earned in 2010 without a new Adele album — the label mentioned that their future earnings are subject to change, especially if Adele can’t push out another LP anytime soon.

“The next Adele album may not come for some years, and it’s impossible to predict its likely sales,” XL told the Times. “We therefore regard this year’s figures as exceptional.” Shame — if only the label could get Adele on Rihanna‘s release schedule, they’d become a billion-dollar business in no time.


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