Kanye West’s Paparazzi Scuffle: Now With Video

kanye west paparazzi
Heeere's Yeezy!
We already saw the photo of Kanye West grabbing a female photographer’s camera after she asked him and Kim Kardashian about Kim’s ex Reggie Bush. Based on that one photo, it didn’t seem like anything but a run-of-the-mill paparazzi run-in. Now there’s video of the encounter which confirms that. The clip was taken from the camera which Yeezy grabbed (and which the pap in question probably exchanged for a decent chunk of change). The photog can be heard asking, “Did you know Reggie is here having dinner?…Did you wanna go congratulate him on his pregnancy?”

Yeezy then tries to swipe the camera, before continuing on his way to the car, as the indignant photographer exclaims, “What the fuck, Kanye?” Yeah, Kanye, how can you hear such a tasteful line of questioning and have such a tasteless reaction? Ugh. Congrats to that brave paparazzo for managing to make Kayne West and Kim Kardashian seem deserving of sympathy.

[via Fuse]

  • guest

    the paparazzo deserved it, she was egging them on.

  • guest 2

    Oh my god, that lady is a bitch.
    With all the money between Kanye and Kim, I hope they hire a full-time reverse paparazzi to haunt her, taking pictures of her where ever she goes so she gets a taste of her own medicine.

  • Jay

    Are the first two comments serious? Yeah paps can be filth and down right annoying, but she simply asked a question MANY celebs will get asked about exes & all that crap. She didn’t and shouldn’t have apologised to either of these attention seekers.

    Whilst I appreciate Kanye: The Musician, I despise Kanye West. Did the pap ask, “Kim your ex is over there, are you jealous of his GF’s pregnancy, are you still in love with him?” No! She asked a simple question that paps ask to get the celebs talking – he had no right lashing out at her. He just has no respect for anyone.

    Stick to what you know and what you’re good at Kanye, that’s making music, cause you clearly lack respect, class and social behaviour.

    • Jay

      The look in his loser eyes was probably what Rihanna seen just before he whacked her. Reggie on the other hand now knows what trapped means, loser girlfriend being pregnant, LOL It must be love , LOL, LOL my sides hurt!

  • Akouda

    Kanye hits a chick……….that’s about right………elevate him to Hero status…………..

  • Torngat

    It doesn’t matter what she asked……….taking a smack at a female at a woman is LAME……..it appears that’s about all he could intimidate anyway……….