Justin Bieber Falls During Show, Totally Survives: Watch

Watch Your Step, JB!
Just when you thought Justin Bieber‘s bad luck was behind him — puking on stage in Arizona, having his laptop stolen in Tacoma — the pop star’s Believe tour curse strikes again! (After all, they say bad things happen in threes). On Wednesday night (October 17) in Saskatchewan, Canada JB was performing his “Beautiful” duet with tourmate Carly Rae Jepsen but what happens around the 2:00 mark is anything but pretty. The good news is the Biebs keeps his food down this time; the bad news is his entire body goes down the flight of stairs!

Say what you will about Justin, the guy is a true professional — he just keeps performing.

[Ocean Up]

  • kim

    ahhahahahahahahahha wow i love you guy omg ahahhahahaha wow how you guy song you need you date ahahhaha no jk lol

    • fiddler12

      shieet you need to know that naming his fans belieber’s right?! and he’s making ppl believe in the Devil so

  • kenya

    hey justin bieber

  • fiddler12

    they both look cute together ;) ooooh ,carly and justin