Christina Aguilera & Chris Mann’s “The Blower’s Daughter”: Hear Their Ballad

The Voice contestant Chris Mann earned a lot of fans with his operatic style — not the least of whom was Christina Aguilera, who was taken enough with his impressive voice (and dashing good looks, no doubt) to contribute to his upcoming LP, Roads. The fruits of that collaboration surfaced today in the form of Mann’s cover of Damien Rice‘s devastating ballad “The Blower’s Daughter,” which marks a vocally impressive — albeit odd — entry in Lotustina’s oeuvre. Listen to the song after the jump.

Building tensely over spare piano and leading to symphonic heights, Mann tackles the song solo for the first three minutes, which works nicely. But when Aguilera appears on the bridge, wailing histrionically, it takes the subtlety of Mann’s emotion and raises it to a fevered climax. That’s not to say that she doesn’t sound good — Aguilera can always sang — but it does give the impression that she’s screaming over him in a wall of enormous vocal runs, weepy adlibs and melisma.

Then again, given the initial chart performance of “Your Body,” which debuted at #34 and currently sits at #58 on the Hot 100, we’ll forgive her for wanting to work out a little tension the best way she knows how: By singing through the pain. Hear the song below:

  • Christine Zichittella-Heeren

    Thanks for posting the link. Great month to be a MANNfan with TWO albums coming out- “Home for Christmas” & “Roads”. Chris Mann is amazing!!!

  • MusicSoul

    Yup. I’ve made up my mind that whenever there is an article by Sam Lansky about Christina Aguilera, I will just ignore. His biases and hateful undertone have made it unbearable to read.

  • Ben

    Did the writer of this article listen to the same song as the rest of us? I’m not even a big Christina fan…but she sounded FANTASTIC on this. Those soft quiet high notes…no one has been hitting those like that since mid 80s Whitney. Sure, she belts it for a bit…but that seems to be what was called for, as Mr Mann raised his intensity as well.

    I liked it.

  • Blower’s Daughter

    Chris has the ultimate beautiful voice! This is an intimate and breathtaking interpretation! Pure perfection… I cannot stop listening to itt over and over again! and Christina complements him beautifully!

  • trey a

    Wow, Christina really ruined the song. I usually like her, but she’s totally distracting here. Doesn’t fit the song at all.

  • Emerence

    I guess Christina can do nothing right to you people. How dare she have the ability to actually sing *gasp*.

  • Yarex

    It’s an amazing song and I think this version is more beautiful than the original one. Chris have an incredibly beautiful and sweet voice. In my opinion Chrisitina fix perfectly to the song and the Chris Mann’s voice.