Enrique Iglesias “Finally Found You” But Is Still Sad: Watch

enrique iglesias finally found you
Found & Lost
Enrique Iglesias premiered the video for his latest single “Finally Found You” featuring Sammy Adams. The clubby track mixes heartfelt lyrics with propulsive dance fireworks, and the video similarly juxtaposes Enrique sadly recalling memories of a childhood sweetheart, with steamy scenes of their full- blown adult fling.

Once Sammy Adams jumps in with his rap, Iglesias and the woman get fresh in the club, and again in the bedroom — which you’d think would be enough to turn Enrique’s frown upside down. But nope, he’s still brooding and dips out while the woman is asleep in bed.

  • Ameer


  • julie

    Hot. I hope he finds who hes thinking about. I guess its not his current girlfriend.

  • michael

    I hope Enrique realizes early enough that anna is not who he is looking for. at this stage in his life, he eeds to make that one final leap that will make him happy his fans may or may not understand it, but he has done so much for them already. it’s time for himself ad that special someone