Chris Brown Directing A Rock Video & It Features Bloody Women, Of Course

Love him or hate him, Chris Brown has shown himself to be a talented music video director, having co-directed his “Turn Up The Music” clip, which earned him a Best Male Video VMA. He’s stepping behind the camera once again, but this time it’s for the rock band U.G.L.Y., who is signed to his CBE label. And based on photos Brown tweeted from the set of their “Red” video, it features women covered in blood. Total curveball from Breezy, right?

The shots bring to mind American Horror Story, and certainly convey a bold aesthetic. But, that’s all going to be overshadowed by all the BLOODY WOMEN and the fact that Brown sent the pics with the message “(not for the ignorant to understand) fuck yo opinions.” He’s just a complex, misunderstood auteur, you see.

[via MTV]