TVXQ’s “Catch Me” Video: Watch The K-Pop Clip

TVXQ's Catch Me Video
Gangnam Dubstep
“Gangnam Style” isn’t the only K-pop clip featuring awe-inspiringly dextrous dance moves that deserves to be the topic of conversation: We’re also a little obsessed with “Catch Me,” the recent video from K-pop duo TVXQ, which is glossy, high-concept and absurdly cool. Following the common style of Korean-language lyrics with an English-language hook, the song — which is a thunderous track of Euro-inspired house music interspersed with impressively nasty dubstep breaks — wouldn’t sound out of place on an Usher album if it were recorded in English.

The video, on the other hand, feels distinctly Asian in its high-gloss wildness, and the high production values and zany costumes testify nicely to the spectacle that is K-pop. We wouldn’t be surprised if TVXQ are the next act to break stateside. Watch the video up top.

  • LMG

    I love this!
    Check out their ‘Why (keep your head down) for even more TVXQ!Hotness!

    They are so good that I don’t care if I can’t understand more than half of what they say.

  • sonia

    TVXQ the king of kpop fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooreeeeeeeeeeeveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer they are the besssssssssssssssst of the best man

  • Persia

    The dance and song is truly something that need to be watched and heard.

  • Adam Aafvrg

    Amazing ! The video LMG posted was great too ! :D

  • O_O

    TVXQ is the best!!!!!

  • Kitt

    Woah awesome!

  • Happy Cassie

    i wish tvxq got much more global recognisation thatn this..they truely deserve it….
    Always supporting tvxq…:)

  • Cleopatra_soul

    greetings from EGYPT ^^,yeah they r one of the best kpop groups ever if they r not the best :) a fan since more than 5 years..they r awesome..korean,japanese,chinese n english songs..they r just very talented n awesome..chck why(keep your head down) n mirotic’s fantastic!..n the songs they made when they were 5 members..n also JYJ songs(they r the other half of tvxq)…the 5 members of tvxq n jyj r super talented n hardworking…they really deserve to be the best EVER

  • Cleopatra_soul

    the whole album is awesome too! it is just kinda new n inspiring..not like anyother Asian music i heard before…the title song catch me was played in “kelly n micheal show” in USA..the director revealed that he is a great fan of tvxq :)

  • Sara

    TVXQ is considered the Gods of The East, no doubt why!!

  • Aatraxiya

    TVXQ is the best
    quality over quantity any day

  • Sara

    Oh I like this!

  • noni

    woooo Yunho is soooo hansome and mainly!!!
    i really love this boys
    hope the come to Perú soon as JYJ ♥

  • chocomin

    and the best thing is, their live performance is awesome

  • Shim KyoMin

    Changmin is so hot and freaking handsome.
    Love him and this duo

  • Tiffany

    If you really want to watch them be hot watch Before U Go (Dance Version)