Election 2012: Kelly Clarkson Voting For Obama Because Of Gay Marriage Issue

Late last year, avowed Republican Kelly Clarkson came out in support of Ron Paul, saying if the libertarian politician were to earn the GOP presidential nomination, he’d have her vote. After that didn’t happen, it was fair to assume Clarkson was throwing her support behind Mitt Romney. But the singer told Britain’s Daily Star she’s voting for Barack Obama because of gay rights and women’s issues. Check out her comments after the jump.

“I’m probably going to vote for Obama again, even though I’m a Republican at heart,” Clarkson said. “I can’t support Romney’s policies as I have a lot of gay friends and I don’t think it’s fair they can’t get married.” She added: “I’m not a hardcore feminist but we can’t be going back to the 50s.” After backing Paul, Clarkson faced an onslaught of online vitriol, but it’s safe to assume this latest endorsement will be better received by the Twitterverse.

[via BuzzFeed]

  • Billy Ray

    Pretty sure she voted for Obama in 2008, too.

    So, it would appear, despite her claims, that she is actually a Democrat.

  • Justin SanDiego

    As a huge Kelly fan, i was kinda worried where kelly stood political, especially gay rights. I know shes from the South(Texas) and she has many country musician(mostly republican) friends. Its awesome knowing she supports gay love, it was kinda apparent already in her “dark Side” video. but hey, good to confirm i guess. Hopefully her newer country fans won’t give her the Dixie Chicks treatment

  • Levendi

    So far, Obama has been the best divide and conquer race card playing president. Divide the election speeches and policies into sound bites and throw some bones to these groups as a thank you. The black vote, the Latino vote, the woman vote. Yet, everything the president does hurts those very people. Statistics and results have proven that over the last four years. The biggest issue is Obamacare. these voting block segments are hurt the most by Obamacare but no one has or can read through 3,000 pages of legal language to understand just how much these segments are getting taxed with all the new tax laws in the bill. Obama said he wouldn’t tax the middle class “one thin dime” but tax he does, and plenty of it in the 3,000 pages. He’ll do speech about giving $9 per month of free birth control and then hit women over the head with a new 3.8% tax if they sell their home. On a $100,000 sale that costs $3,800 at the closing to pay for the $9 per month birth control pills freebies. Taxing the rich sounds good but it will only produce about $100 billion in extra revenue, that’s like adding a grain of sand to the beach of Washington spending. The real money is coming from the 3,000 pages of buried taxes for the low and middle class. Read his book and read the Obamacare bill, don’t listen to left wing pundits and Obama’s BS speeches read from a teleprompter. He’s the king of BS, not Romney.

    • KellClark

      Levendi you sound like a Typical Fox News watcher who would rather have millions of people live without health care. Shameless

    • Starblazer

      What a bunch of garbage. Pure and simple: you are a liar, Levendi. Judging from the tone of your comments, you are also a hater and a mindless zombie that gets your talking points from the other liars over at the FOX republcan propaganda network. Fortunatly, the majority of americans who voted to reelect President Obama aso can see through your far right Tea Party BS, loser.


    Kelly: STFU and keep singing. That is all. She’s lucky she has a job in the Obama Economy.