Ciara’s “Got Me Good” Music Video: Looks Like CiCi Has Got A Case Of The Ex

Oct 25th, 2012 // 7 Comments
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To celebrate her 27th birthday Thursday (October 25), Ciara premiered the video for “Got Me Good,” the second single off her forthcoming album One Woman ArmyAnd as the preview promised, there’s plenty of that Britney-esque white turtleneck. The video also follows in the long, strong tradition of female pop stars in the desert, alluding to the stomping dance moves of Mya‘s “Case Of The Ex” and the cars from M.I.A.‘s “Bad Girls”. (In addition to cars, there are also, uh, headlights, if you catch our drift).


  1. Jay

    If anything, she is paying homage to Janet Jackson with the dance moves. Especially 2:21-2:30. There are a few Michael moves as well. But she has to be Janet’s secret daughter, no one can dance like her.

    I’ve always thought Ciara was the best R&B/Pop singer. It’s a shame mainstream radio don’t play her as much anymore. She has always kept her roots with R&B but has still mixed it up.

  2. JoS

    More like paying a tribute to Michael Jackson(“We Are Here To Change The World”/”Speed Demon[desert scene]).

    You can clearly see her jerking and pointing the way Michael used to do. Try as she might, Janet could never get Michael’s mannerism fully down.

    People need to stop comparing Ciara to Janet, Mya, Beyonce. Remember who’s the ULTIMATE inspiration to all these girls- Michael Jackson. And Ciara is the best at channeling him.

    Either way, the video and the song are absolutely AMAZING! Grand A stuff!

  3. Jay

    I’ll give Ciara credit where credit is due: she keeps trying and trying releasing these songs and videos hoping that something will stick. On that note, I can’t help but feel like she keeps missing. It’s not BAD at all I just can’t help but think of “Gimme Dat” when I hear this song. It has that same frenetic energy to it. And therein lies Ciara’s problem: she seems to be trying to recreate her past success without actually moving forward musically. While I enjoyed “Sorry” it sounded too much like “Promise.” I feel bad for her but I don’t blame radio for not really playing her anymore…it just doesn’t sound like anything special. It just sounds like another Ciara song. She needs to evolve a bit musically.

  4. Daniisland

    mmmm i so feeling this ;D

  5. Alex

    Omg im so sick of ppl sayin this sounds like her other song. Ummmm do u know how many people recycle thier songs??? Even janet and michael did.. So did prince and they were the greatest

    Yall nee to shut up with that.. Ciara is not the only artist eho rehashes their previous songs.. Rihanna is the queen of that.. That infamous te amo beat is used in numerous of her songs!

    • Jay

      I’m not saying that Ciara is the sole person who recycle their songs. The article is about Ciara so I’m going to talk about Ciara. I don’t feel the need to bring up other artists when this isn’t about the.

      And asking people to “shut up with that” isn’t exactly going to help you win with your argument.

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