Lil Wayne Hospitalized Again After Experiencing Seizure-Like Symptoms On Second Flight

Lil Wayne experienced seizure-like symptoms on board a plane for the second time in 24 hours. During a flight from Texas to L.A., the rapper began convulsing and the flight was diverted for an immediate landing in Louisiana, where Wayne was taken to a hospital, according to TMZ.

As previously reported, less than 24 hours ago on Thursday (October 25) Lil Wayne started convulsing while on a a private jet. The flight landed in Texas, where Weezy received medical attention. He was released from the hospital several hours later, and his rep claimed Wayne had suffered from migraines and dehydration. We truly hope everything’s OK and that the only outcome of this is that he’ll get to join Rick Ross in the “MCs who have had seizures on planes and then rap about it” club.