Nicki Minaj’s “Va Va Voom” Music Video: Watch Her Fairy Tale

Looking For The Main Attraction?
Nicki Minaj premiered “Va Va Voom” — her second music video debut this week — on E! News on Friday, October 26. Unlike the raw performance footage of “Come On A Cone”, the Barbz’s latest offering features the rapper as the star of her very own fairy tale. Though the American Idol judge treads on similar Snow White imagery, most recently seen in Katy Perry‘s “Wide Awake” music video, Nicki’s Hype Williams‘-directed vid is brighter, slicker and features the upcoming AMA performer as both princess and evil queen. Watch above — and, yes, there are unicorns!

  • Jay

    I absolutely love this song. This and “Masquerade” should have made the standard edition of the album.
    That being said, this video is terrible. It doesn’t really make much sense. It could have been better….I feel like she just makes videos just for the sake of making them, if you haven’t noticed the onslaught of videos she has released since the beginning of the year, but where she gets it right (Beez in the Trap, Pound the Alarm, Stupid Ho) she gets it terribly wrong (this, Come on a Cone, and Right By Your Side).

  • iche

    i agree with jay. those crappy zoom effects are awful! it made me like the song a little less, actually.