Madonna Talks Coming Out & Dodges Uncomfortable Questions On ‘Ellen’

Madonna has always seemed pretty fearless (even when alienating crowds who don’t share her political beliefs), but she was a little more bashful on The Ellen Degeneres Show today — or maybe she was just getting in the Halloween spirit. Whatever the reason, Madge brought a Halloween mask along with her for her appearance on Ellen, which she explained she would be using to avoid conversation topics she didn’t want to address. Of course, she also counterbalanced that modesty by lending Ellen one of her notorious corset-bras to wear.

But onto issues of greater transparency: Madonna and Degeneres also discussed the important support Madonna lent in Degeneres’ famous coming-out back in 1997. Degeneres explained that even though she had never met Madonna, when Degeneres’ sexuality was still an open secret in Hollywood, Madonna offered a phone call of encouragement.

“Before it was really official that I was coming out, it was rumored that I was coming out on my show,” Degeneres explained. “I had never had that much media attention, and it was really  scary for me. And Madonna called me out of the blue — we had never met — I just all of a sudden get a call saying ‘It’s Madonna, and I just wanna say that I’m behind you, I’m with you, I support you.'”

Who knew that the Queen of Pop was such a good friend? Not that we’re entirely surprised. Watch that clip up top, and see Madge don her sensitive-topic-avoiding mask below — then, see another video of Madge sending her son Rocco to the dunk tank. (He also nicely avoids the question of how it feels to see his mother flashing crowds. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.)

Madonna Wears A Mask on Ellen: Watch

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Madonna Sends Her Son Rocco To the Dunk Tank on Ellen: Watch

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